What to visit

Our location is ideal with respect to points of interest such as Monte Terminillo or Francis Walk.
We are in fact on the slopes of Terminillo and a few kilometers from Saint Francis Walk, provincial hospital and industrial core
Our province is rich in works to visit and events below a selection of the main sites.

Monte Terminillo

We are located on the slopes of Monte Terminillo so our position is ideal for a mix between mountain and city convenience
Mount Terminillo (Mons Tetricus for the ancient Romans) is a mountain range, whose highest peak reaches 2217.13 m above sea level (new survey, previously was the height of 2216 m above sea level) . Belonging to the group of Reatini Abruzzese Apennines Mountains, located 20 km from Rieti and 100 km from Rome, until 1927, the mountain range and most of the piedmont countries, excluding Poggio Bustone, and Morro Reatino Rivodutri, belonged to the province of L'Aquila.
The summit, the seventh highest in the Lazio, is located in the municipality of Leonessa and is a symbol of the province of Rieti.

Il Cammino di Francesco

Our location is also ideal for reaching one of several points of the Way of St. Francis.
The Sacred Valley is a plain, almost circular in shape, closed around the perimeter by hills and mountains, such as Terminillo. In this natural amphitheater they are placed the four Franciscan sanctuaries, ideally arranged at the four ends of a mystique cross. There are many reasons that led St. Francis in Rieti, including of course there was the beauty of nature. The plain is very fertile and even today, as in past centuries, feeding its people. So, during the summer, you can admire the plain which turns into a sea of ​​yellow corn. The abundant fresh water of the Holy Valley are famous worldwide for their purity. The river Velino, deep blue, sails across the plains and into the city of Rieti bringing trout and mallards. The streams, like the Turano, fast flowing among rocks and woods.


Rieti is an Italian town of 47,698 inhabitants of Latium, capital of the province and the capital of the historical region of Sabina. Considered by the authors of the classical age the geographical center of Italy (Umbilicus Italiae), Rieti is located in the fertile Rieti plain at the foot of Monte Terminillo, on the banks of the river Velino, in a water-rich area that provides much of the capital ' drinking water it needs. Of even more ancient origins of Rome, was founded at the beginning of the Iron Age and became an important city of the Sabines. The scenic beauty and quiet of the place make it a livable place and favorite destination of many tourists, mainly from nearby Rome.